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Dear Sir/Madame,

        Research and Technology Developments are both required and obligatorily activities for achieving recognition and excellence in international business. The essence of Research and technology development activities is creating added-value and competitiveness for companies. PERTAMINA, therefore, responds by implementing some transformation programs including establishing the organization and function of Research & Development in the Refining Directorate of PERTAMINA, ratified by the Board of Director’s Decree Nr. Kpts. 13/E00000/2008-S0 in 2008. This implies a commitment and a direction from the PERTAMINA’s top management that the research activities and technology acquisition are part of PERTAMINA’s obligation for 2010 and beyond.
        Herewith, we introduce the present and recent activities of R&D PERTAMINA – Refining Directorate. We provide you information about R&D PERTAMINA activities, facilities and technology capabilities and hope that every PERTAMINA’s shareholder and stakeholder may have a better overview about us.
        We are committed to be active in developing Science & Technology as well as in protecting intellectual property rights and environment. Through “Innovation - Integration - Acceleration” we commit to give active contributions for the wellness of human being and environment by generating innovations, integrating technology, knowing how to achieve a better life for everyone and accelerating the next improvement for a sustainable high quality of life.

In conclusion, we hope to collaborate and look forward to keeping in touch with you!

Thank you for your kind of atttention.
Sincerely yours,

Hery Haerudin, Dr. rer. nat.
VP R&D PERTAMINA – Refining Directorate
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